What you will learn

  • Why plans work

  • How to add planning easily and quickly

  • The 7 Questions to ask yourself before you write anything

  • Why the 7 Questions work

  • How the 7 Questions prepare your brain to write

Your expert

President, CEO, and Lead Trainer

Jenny Morse, PhD

Jenny Morse is the founder and CEO of Appendance, Inc, which provides business writing training to professionals working at companies along the Front Range and around the country. She earned her Bachelor’s degree at Bowdoin College in Maine, her Master’s in Creative Writing at the University of Colorado—Boulder, and her PhD in English at the University of Illinois—Chicago. As a freelance writer and editor, she has written website copy, crafted award speeches, and ghostwritten for a few CEOs, publishing articles in Forbes, Inc., and Wired. Her articles about common grammar errors, writing habits, and entertaining writing stories can be found at appendance.com/blog.

Prepare to write faster and more effectively by using the 7 Planning Questions

This second module of our Better Business Writing course includes

  • A reflection on your current planning process

  • 3 videos

  • A downloadable handout of the 7 Questions for easy reference

  • 2 quizzes

  • A reflection on how the 7 Questions will help you

  • Written feedback from an expert coach on your own plans and messages

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Course curriculum

  • 1

    Plan--What to Do Before You Write

    • What are the steps you take before writing?

    • Why do you need a plan?

    • Purpose and audience: The first 5 questions

    • Medium and Approach: The last 2 questions

    • Consider purpose, audience, medium, and approach

    • Practice planning with these scenarios

    • Reflect on the planning process

    • Your Plan Assignment

  • 2

    Congratulations on completing Planning: Better Business Writing Module 2!

    • Provide feedback on the course

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