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One Award-Winning Course: Two Ways to Take It

  • Pro

    A cohort coaching package. The group starts together on a set date. Each week, participants work through one module independently and turn in a writing assignment. Each module includes 2-3 hours of interactive content, including videos, reference handouts, quizzes, and writing prompts. Then the group meets together to review feedback and discuss questions. This course offers the most expert support!

  • On Demand

    For those who want to start when they want, work at their own pace, and get expert feedback on their own schedule. The material is the same as Better Business Writing Pro and you'll still get written feedback on assignments from an expert. This course doesn't include weekly Q&A sessions with a group. If you want a supportive and social experience, you can add Live Coaching to your On Demand course.

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Our AWARD-WINNING Course Can Help You Become a Better Business Writer!

Better Business Writing won the 2021 Award for Excellence in Communication Consulting

Our course isn't like other courses, and you don't just have to take our word for it! The Association for Business Communication and the Association of Professional Communication Consultants voted Better Business Writing superior for its adaptability, pedagogy and materials, and impressive results.
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With so many business writing courses out there, how do you decide which one to take?

Appendance's Better Business Writing: On Demand course is different from most other business writing courses because you are able to work at your own pace and still get feedback from a dedicated expert.

Can you learn to write better just by watching videos? We don't think so. And we have years teaching in higher education and training professionals like you to back us up. That's why our program is more than video content. We provide you with the virtual content and exercises, and because we know you are a busy working professional, you can take the course at your own pace. When you're ready for feedback, you'll submit your exercises to your coach and get the guidance you need to become a better business writer.
Chart that compares Better Business Writing Pro, Better Business Writing On Demand, and Other courses. All options include virtual content. Only Better Business Writing Pro and On Demand include exercises to reinforce concepts and feedback on exercises. Pro offers virtual meetings with experts and community connections, and On Demand offers both of these as options to add-on. Only On Demand offers Autonomous learning.